Packing…for men

YOUR boys’ weekend begins in two hours.

You and your friends have booked the ultimate golf trip to Miami – planned out with perfection.

You identified the best the airlines and you booked.

Your departure to the terminal is covered – you’ll take a taxi.

You went shopping for new clothes on Tuesday and were lucky enough to get some good discounts and buy yourself a change of wardrobe.

However, that new wardrobe is yet to be packed in your  bag and your ride to the airport is on its way.

You have less than 45 minutes to pack – you better move fast.

First off, you’re a man and you travel light. You don’t need that huge suitcase for a vacation.

Take the medium sized suitcase and follow these guidelines.

  1. Lay out all of your essential items such as bathroom necessities.
  2. Grab your underwear and t-shirts and place in between the bars. You should fit enough socks in there to make a level flat bottom of the suitcase. Additional socks can be packed into your sneakers. You do not need more than three pair of shoes.
  3. Start with your cargo pants. DO NOT WRINKLE THEM. Lay them horizontal on the bottom, perpendicular to the suitcase.
  4. Take your stuffed hiking boots and place in opposing directions at opposite ends of the day bag.
  5. Roll and tie any additional pants into tight balls and then fasten them with rubber bands.
  6. Lay your best shirts on top and fasten the suitcase.
  7. I always place cash in my carry on.
  8. When I don’t feel like checking bags I will bring just a backpack.
  9. Please note that after you wear your clothes there will be far less room to pack them so you will need more space.

If you put this routine into practice once and you will find that packing your bag is easy. Also, don’t go cheap on bags there is nothing worse than your luggage ripping open and losing all the work you put into packing your bag in the first place.

After all this at least you were smart buying  cheap tickets to Miami at CheapOair.

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