As seen in the movies…hotels from the silver screen

YOU’VE seen them immortalised on film, now it’s your chance to live like a star.

Park Hyatt Tokyo's lobby was used in the movie Lost in Translation

True cinefiles are spoilt for choice when it comes to hotels where movies were shot, often the hotel is as much part of the story as its human characters. writer Elena Kozmenko lists her top 10 hotels, that have played host to camera crews and celebrities alike:

Remember Oscar-winning movie Lost in Translation?

Bill Murray’s character meets a woman in Tokyo, before getting into a series of trouble? Most scenes take place in the luxurious Park Hyatt Tokyo, which is known for its sophisticated interior, chic rooms and wide range of contemporary facilities. After the movie premiered the hotel turned into a tourist Mecca to the point some people say it has lost its charm and Japanese spirit.

However, fans of Murray and Scarlett Johansson consider it to be great value for money.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas is the place, where some parts of Miss Congeniality 2 were filmed. Sandra Bullock looks fabulous, chasing Dolly Parton, another character of the movie in the hall of the hotel. The interior of this property was so good that in 2008 it was used for another film, featuring Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth and Laurence Fishburne. The movie’s name? 21.

Terrifying Timberline Lodge

The list of hotels used in the scandalous Borat is lengthy. The spoof about a Kazakh journalist, who lusts after Pamela Anderson, places him in hotels across the United States. One of the memorable moments in the film is a scene in The Adolphus in Dallas; when Borat is asking for accommodation with his pants down, addressing the receptionist with swear words.

Timberline Lodge with its panoramic views of Mount Hood was erected in 1937 and was used as the main background of the classic horror The Shining, where the winter stay of Jack Nicholson, the hotel’s keeper, with his family, turns to disaster. Those, who love horror movies and  Nicholson will definitely appreciate this creepy place.

Regina Hotel is an impressive hotel in Parisian capital, which is well-known for its magnificent amenities and exceptional service and which can be also recognized in two spectacular movies of the last decade. The realistic fighting scenes of the thriller Kiss of the Dragon, starring Jet Li, were shot right here as well as some stunning episodes of Matt Damon’s adventures in The Bourne Identity. By the way, The Bourne Supremacy, the second part of the trilogy was taken in another deluxe hotel – The Westin Grand in the very heart of Berlin.

James Bond meets his enemies in the heart of Karlovy Vary

The filming of Casino Royale, the 21st film in the James Bond film series, was taken in different locations and various hotels of premium class, most of which were not real. Yet the 305-year-old hotel Grandhotel Pupp De Luxe in Karlovy Vary actually exists. In the movie it bears the name of Hotel Splendide and those, who would like to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and dangerous living of Her Majesty’s secret agent, can choose this property for their next vacations in Czech thermal resort city.

Hotel Villa Cipriani also appears in the movie, when James Bond (Daniel Craig) is mooring his yacht at the doorstep of the property in Venice. However, the following scenes that take place in the hall of this hotel were actually shot in a film studio, which proves that the hotel’s interior is too exquisite to let the crew with their heavy equipment in.

Let’s take a look at Roosevelt Hotel New York City, which interior has been used twice as a background for different films. In both movies it bears the fictive names, but fans of Jennifer Lopez and John Cusack will recognize it at once. The first film Maid in Manhattan starred Lopez as a maid in the hotel, who falls in love with powerful politician (Ralph Fiennes), a guest at the same hotel. The second film 1408 has Cusack as the protagonist, who struggles with insanity and the paranormal in hotel room 1408.

Bellagio - the record holding cinematic hotel.

Rounding off the list, but not the least significant hotel used in film shooting is Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, which offers luxurious accommodation and views that can make you feel like you are in a movie, the great selection of restaurants, business and leisure facilities and its own history in the niche of cinematography. This legendary venue was used as the scene for the Ocean’s trilogy and such movies as Head of State, Lucky You, 21, Knocked Up, 2012, The Hangover and others, which makes it the absolute leader of the top 10 hotels of the world used in the movies.

Don’t miss the opportunity to book any of these hotels, which are all listed in the database of‘s hotel reservation system and feel like a celebrity on your next vacation.

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