Hotel demolition – celebrity style

HAVE you heard the old Latin proverb “quod licet jovi, nоn licet bovi”, which literally means “Gods may do what cattle may not”?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t; I’m using it, because it perfectly applies to the characters of this story – celebrities.

Indeed, some celebrities do things that no other regular person could ever get away with.

Drug use and abuse, drink-driving, event disruption and…trashing hotel rooms. staffer Dmytro Dmytriiev looks at a curious preoccupation of the famous.

Since the 1960’s dozens of exquisite hotel rooms have been thrashed by “fame monsters” throughout the world.

Here are’s top five most memorable trashed rooms:

Johnny Depp and then-girlfriend Kate Moss.

5.  On September 13, 1994, guests at The Mark Hotel were awakened at 5.30am by the deafening sounds of shattering glass, snapping wood and shouting voices.

When policemen entered the $1,200 a night Presidential Suite, they found Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp and former girlfriend supermodel Kate Moss, quietly sitting amidst a pile of debris.

Consequently, the actor was taken to taken to the city’s 19th Precinct station house and billed $9,767 for the damages.


The troubled Lindsay Lohan

4. In early December 2007, room 645 at the Shutters On The Beach hotel was laid to waste by the notorious teen actress Lindsay Lohan and her ex-boyfriend.

They were literally wreaking havoc and in three days turned the room into a pigpen.

There was an unbearable cigarette smell, filth everywhere and a bloody syringe left on a room-service tray.

Hotel security photographed it before having someone remove it as it was considered hazardous waste.


The ill-fated Amy Winehouse

3. While staying at London’s five-star Sanderson Hotel, temperamental soul singer Amy Winehouse had a mammoth fight with her husband, which resulted in $18,000 damage to one of the hotel’s rooms.

Later a hotel staffer told the British tabloid Sunday Mirror:

“I’ve certainly never seen anything like this before. They had an outside firm to wipe blood off the walls, and repaint them later on”.


The eccentric Howard Hughes

2. On Thanksgiving 1966, famed eccentric and reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, for the sake of privacy, rented out two floors at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel.

Instead of checking out, Hughes arranged to purchase the entire hotel, closed outside access to the floor and installed a cinema-quality sound system that caused the walls to shake.

Weeks later, due to his severe germaphobia Hughes stopped dressing, bathing and clipping nails; collected his own urine in jars; and wore tissue boxes for shoes.

This dark period of his life is shown in detail in movies, such as The Aviator and The Hoax.


Party boy: Keith Moon.

1. Finally, the undisputed champion human wrecking ball is The Who’s drummer Keith Moon.

Staying in the Days Inn Flint hotel on his 21st birthday, he threw a five-tier cake into the guests, set off a food fight and emptied fire extinguishers on the floor turning a carpet into a mess and increasing the total bill to $24,000.

When a police officer showed up, Moon, stripped to his underwear, jumped into a Lincoln Continental parked nearby, drove it through a fence and let it rest in peace at the bottom of the on-site pool.

When he got out of the sinking car, he slipped on a piece of marzipan and knocked out his front teeth.

The officer was kind enough to take Moon to the dentist before throwing him in jail for a few hours.

The destruction led to The Who being banned from all Holiday Inns for life.


Surely these hotel rooms have been renovated by now and are available via hotel reservation system.

Enjoy your next vacation in a hotel room once trashed by your favorite celebrity.

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