Float off to another place – without leaving your room

WHAT about starting your stay at a hotel in one city, having a romantic dinner at sea and then float to another place all without leaving your hotel?

The outlook from a botel.

Svetlana Malukha writes about boat-hotels, a style of accommodation to harks back to a time when travel was not just about the destination, but how you got there as well.

Boat-hotels, or botels, are floating hotels, which allow you to stay and travel on a real boat.

Botels are a rare and typical to particular cities, which lie next to a river, lake or sea.

So,why are they are becoming more and more popular each year and what are the main advantages staying in this kind of accommodation?

All botels are set on the water, however not all of them are floating.

A lot of boat-hotels, for example the famous Botel Marina is located on the bank of the river Danube in Bratislava in the Slovak Republic and never sails from its mooring – meaning guests are always on the water. At their leisure, guests of Botel Marine can leave and take an excursion around the city.

Botel Marina, Bratislava.

The majority of boat-hotels are located on beautiful and eye-catching quays or seafronts with stunning views.

You will never distinguish the difference in a room in a hotel from a room in a boat-hotel.

Typical botels, of which the Amstel Botel is no exception, are fitted-out like regular hotels and feature TVs, Wi-Fi access, private bathrooms and other facilities you expect to see in a hotel and sometimes they offer even more, as the owners try to attract more and more guests and create a following.

You can find boutiques, restaurants and even museums on a boat.

Floatel, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

The Floatel Hotel in Kolkata, India transcends them all, with a billiards and snooker room, steam room and a sauna.

The other great advantage of botels is that you can rent it whole to organize the unique wedding of your dreams, celebrate a birthday in a way none of your friends ever has before.

Among the famous destinations you can find a boat-hotel in include, France, Slovak Republic, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, India and others.

A botel in Amsterdam

This type of hotel also draws guests, because even luxurious five-star boutique accommodation cannot offer its visitors such an unforgettable experience as sleeping while hearing the pacifying sound of waves lapping the hull.

One thing you should also remember while choosing between a hotel and a boat-hotel is that boat-hotels are usually located in city centers or in historic areas, but their price is much more reasonable than the price of a central hotel with the same selection of services.

So don’t miss the chance to experience something new by checking the above listed botels at www.booked.net.

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