We’re not just about hotel reservations

WANT to keep track of the time and the weather as you travel? Want to monitor what is happening at home while you are abroad? Or simply want to know the time and what the weather is doing where you are?

Hotel reservation website www.booked.net can make it happen.

As the headline says: “We’re not just about hotel reservations”.

As well well as offering your the best deals on more than 90,000 hotels in 17,000 destinations, Booked.net is committed to providing you with the best travel information and news as it comes to hand. We are also equally committed to providing you with practical applications that are useful long after you have returned home.

With this in mind, the team at Booked.net has developed weather and clock widgets for websites and blogs with capabilties that extend beyond the ordinary.

Weather widgets.

Let’s face it the weather affects much of what we do in our daily lives. Our weather widgets are available in:

  • Various color themes.
  • Display the current weather conditions in any city.
  • Feature fully customizable options, such as city, language and temperature (Farenheit or celcius).
  • Further customisation is available in terms of various skin colors, different border types and transparent background options.
  • Some also feature 7-day forecasting.

To place a weather widget on your website or blog simply visit http://www.booked.net/widgets/weather make your selection and click “Get Code”.

Clock widgets.

Keeping track of the time, especially across different time zones, is made simple with our range of clock widgets. From analogue to digital designs – even a retro “flip clock”.

All are fully customizable to:

  • City.
  • Language.
  • Color.
  • And other options.

To get a clock widget for your website or blog simply visit http://www.booked.net/widgets/clock make your selection and click “Get Code”.

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