Last-minute Euro 2012 hotel booking a lottery

ENGLAND’S progression to the quarter-finals of Euro 2012 has led to an army of Lions fans desperately trying to get to Ukraine, but accommodation is a “lottery” says.

Airlines are heavily booked and competition for accommodation among the 500,000 foreign fans expected in the Ukrainian capital Kiev is fierce.

England next plays Italy in the knock-out phase of the UEFA European Football Championship at Kiev’s Olympiysky Stadium on Sunday, June 24.

According to online reservation website there are rooms available in the city if fans act fast. chief communications officer Jared Morgan said a quick search of the site’s data bases revealed a handful of rooms were available in the city in the lead-up to Sunday’s quarter final.

“Admittedly, it’s a lottery, my guess is last minute fans are simply looking for a bed for the night,” he said. “So, if location isn’t an issue, then by all means take the gamble.”

The number of rooms available closer to the date of the Euro final, also hosted in Kiev on July 1, were less, but there were still hotels with vacancies, he said.

“Like football, the game can quickly change, so my advice is to act now.”

His comments come after Kiev City State Administration head Oleksandr Popov on Monday indicated there the city’s accommodation capacity could potentially be expanded.

“If needed, we have the capacity of our hotel business to accept additional guests. And I don’t see any problem in this because we prepared for this and figured on this amount of fans,” he said at a press conference in Kiev.

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