Abba Hotels and toast two year anniversary

JUNE 29, 2012. Spanish-based urban hotel chain Abba Hotels and fast growing hotel reservation website are celebrating a two-year working partnership. partner account manager Anna Mosiychuk said the deal brokered between the parties in 2010 had allowed direct connection with Abba’s reservation database.

“This means customers can reserve accommodation in Abba’s range of hotels across all main Spanish cities as well a hotels in Andorra, London, Berlin and Bratislava.”

That connection was powered by Trust International’s centralized reservation system (CRS), she said.

Trust International is a market leader in electronic reservation distribution via the CRS system, which offers reliable, responsive and fast hotel distribution, with immediate availability of new rates in all distribution channels worldwide.

“The CRS system means when our clients book with Abba Hotels they are offered only the latest information and competitive prices. These are constantly updated across the 17 Spanish cities the company operates in as well as four European destinations,” Mosiychuk said. was proud to have developed the working relationship.

“We are optimistic that this relationship that will only strengthen in future and result in increases in the number of reservations for Abba Hotels long into the future.”


European-based is a hotel reservation website with live connections to booking databases covering more than 90,000 hotels worldwide on a commission-based model. The company’s multi-lingual platform offers hotel descriptions and information in 20 languages with reviews written by real travelers.

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