The world’s top 5 quirky dining experiences

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Tapei, Taiwan.

FORGET three-course dinners, tables, chairs and pleasant waitresses delivering service with a smile.

A new trend for quirky dining experiences is in and is fast changing people’s perceptions and concepts of traditional food and dining culture. presents our top 5 dining experiences with a difference – check out the videos, it is food for both thought and stomach:

5. Isdaan Restaurant, Gerona Tarlac, Philippines

If you are in bad mood, smash a plate and take a deep breath.

Filipinos have proven it to be a reliable way to relax and at the “Isdaan Fresh Catch Restaurant” it has become an attraction (read marketing gimmick) in its own right.

With the word “Tacsiyapo” (shame on you) you can launch a cup or even a television into a wall.

Despite being three hours drive from Manila Isdaan has become quite the tourist attraction but it is not only about plate-smashing, it also boasts of the best seafood in the Philippines.

4. The Lockup, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

The Lockup’s premise is simple – a haunted prison-themed restaurant, set in one of Tokyo’s bustling hubs.

On arrival you are placed in handcuffs while a guard accompanies you to a cell where you a locked-up for the duration of your meal.

As well as experiencing a prison-like atmosphere where you will be treated with prison meals, an array of illicit alcohol and fake cocaine, prepare to be absolutely terrified.

3. Dinner in the Sky, Brussels, Belgium

This is concept of dining proves Julius Caeser’s claim – “Panem et circenses” meaning “Give us bread and circuses” can still apply to dining experiences today.

Dinner in the Sky is an event as well as a feast.

Here you are strapped into your seats, then hoisted by crane to your table 45 meters in the air, where you dangle above the city and are treated to four-course dining and breathtaking views.

It’s a concept that has gained traction and Dinner in the Sky can now be found in more than 40 countries.

2. Masoch Cafe, Lviv, Ukraine

Austrian writer and journalist Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch became not only famous for his romantic stories of Galician life, but for his peculiar sexual habits – giving the world the term “masochism”.

“Masochism” was derived from the author’s name to describe a type of sexual pleasure from being punished and dominated.

His perverted idea of pleasure led to the conception of Masoch Cafe in his birthplace Lviv.

Here you can enjoy traditional Ukrainian cuisine and discover your masochist potential.

1. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei, Thailand

Thailand has already earned a notorious reputation for being one of the most risqué tourist destinations across the world.

But eating there definitely depends on a place you choose to visit. It can be something exotic or even extreme.

For instance, Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei is a venue where visitors are offered real toilets to sit on and food is served in ceramic toilet bowls and urinals.

Nowhere else in the world you will find an Asian menu served in such a disgusting manner.

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  1. Eugene Krall says:

    Anchovies, anchovies, you’re so delicious. I love you more than all the other fishes.

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