Pitfalls for drivers when traveling

THE roadtrip.

It’s been a vacation tradition for almost as long as the car has existed, but there are pitfalls for travelers.

When the last suitcase is packed and placed to a luggage rack of your car, you should consider foreign traffic rules.

Many countries have introduced unusual measures to take money from both local and foreign drivers.

Booked.net’s Olga Leleka presents a list of “cash cow” traffic enforcement measures you should know before traveling:

Breathalyser kits as a new type of money spinner

French police have introduced a new measure that may catch holidaymakers unawares.

In July 2012, a new law came into force that insists all drivers must have a breathalyser kit in their cars.

The gadgets are specially designed so that drivers can pass alcohol test themselves.

Critics claim the idea of self-testing is another money spinner as all drivers caught without a kit will pay a fine of €11.

A police crack-down on satellite navigators

It is not an easy to ban satellite navigation systems in Spain.

Some models of modern vehicles include satellite navigation devices as factory options and officials cannot outlaw them.

But the Spanish Government found a solution.

They restricted the use of GPS with maps that warn drivers of speed camera locations.

According to Spanish legislation, this will cost to lawbreakers three points on their drivers’ license and a €200 fine.

Unmarried women can’t drive

This is ripe for puns about female drivers.

All females before driving in Louisiana should get married.

While it is unlikely it is enforced, according to the law, it is illegal for unmarried woman to drive a car there.

But marriage removes limitations on women drivers only partly, the law also states a woman in Louisiana can’t drive unless husband walks in front of the car waving a red flag to let everyone know his wife is driving.

It’s illegal to run out of gas

In Youngstown, Ohio, you should keep your car tank full and watch your odometer and fuel consumption precisely.

While this only happens to most inattentive of drivers, according to local legislation, a driver has to pay a penalty if their car has run out of gas.

Barefoot driving can be illegal

Before driving barefoot (if you feel the need) it’s better to check whether a penalty applies.

In Alabama it was proved driving barefoot is dangerous because of foot slippage and reduced road reaction times.

It means you will be penalized if caught driving without shoes in Alabama.

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  1. Sten says:

    Nice! Especially about about women in Louisiana.

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