Dumb things to do on vacation (but at least they’re fun)

TEETOTALLERS read no further.

These activities involve alcohol…a lot of alcohol.

While travel is said to broaden the mind and many take their “odysseys” deadly seriously…for others all this cross-cultural interaction can get a bit much. For them traveling is more like “ticking boxes” and snapping quick pics of the sights to later post to Facebook in between long and extended drinking sessions.

Some of the following I have done (I’m not going to say which).

Sure they aren’t intellectual – they probably shrink the mind more than expand it. They won’t foster cultural understanding, and if they do you probably will have no memory of it the next day.

But they are (and were) fun.

Booked.net’s Jared Morgan tries to remember.

Let’s be blunt. It’s a beer festival, need I say more?

If you don’t get drunk you’ve done something wrong.

Sure, you can play amateur beer connoisseur, and talk about “appearance”, “aroma”, “flavor”, “mouth-feel” and “strength”, but after four beers are you really going to be able to tell the difference between a pilsner and a bock?

Add the additional attraction of cleavage boosting dirndls for the girls and lederhosen for the boys and you in reality have a large drunken fancy dress party

Bus tour of Europe

It’s a drunken, debauched party on wheels and the first introduction to Europe for many a young tourist.

It’s probably here the camera comes in handy, because you aren’t going to remember much.

Not that you see much, these tours are very much about the photo opportunities between drinking.

However, you’ll have the time of your life.

All-inclusive resort stay

Sounds like something your parents or loved-up honeymooners do right?


These resorts are less about rest and relaxation and are more likely to be a non-stop party

It’s a bit like the bus tour mentioned above…with more sun and swimwear.

What happens in Vegas…

Think of the movie The Hangover.

In Las Vegas, it’s not that far from reality.

Away from the glitz, glamor, greed and gluttony it is the ultimate party town.

It comes at the price, but if you can afford it, then why not?

Thai island party

It’s cliche and it seems everyone has been there, done that.

It’s potentially dangerous, and that is part of the attraction, but when you are surrounded with like-minded people – and by like-minded I mean party-minded – it is hard not to get to swept up in the atmosphere.

Add to that mix buckets (and I mean buckets) of whisky and Coke, heat, beaches and the sea and you have the recipe for one hell of a party.

You need to do it at least once.

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