Controversial, silly and annoying things people do at airports

IMAGINE you have just come back from a busy airport leaving behind long queues for security checks and baggage reclaim area.

It is not hard to understand the reasons some people dread to use planes to fly off on vacation.

Here is a list of silly, annoying and sometimes controversial  things people do in airports.

Check it out and, perhaps, you will recognize yourself.

Money exchange

When you are busy packing a suitcase before your flight, money exchange seems to be one of the last things to worry about.

It appears to be a common practice among tourists to exchange money at the airport, but hardly any think about an airport’s surcharge over the normal cost of exchanging money earlier at the bank.

If you want to save money on fees, it’s better to complete all money operations at the bank before your trip.

The following is a video experiment proving you can lose around 25% of your money exchanging money thoughtlessly:

Baggage trolleys

Parking is not only a problem in big cities, but of also at airports, as well.

Baggage trolleys appear to be too difficult to operate properly for some users.

Many people either leave them in stupid places instead of parking vehicles in the correct bay or nudge others waiting to check in to speed the process up.

But the most dangerous thing that has ever happened to a luggage cart took place at Los Angeles International Airport.

Accidentally, a baggage cart got sucked into a plane engine and nearly caused a crash.

Queues for a security scanner

Have you ever been bored standing in a queue for a security scanner watching person after person removes clothes, belts, shoes and empty pockets?

You can take off your coat and empty pockets earlier than you finally get to a security scanner.

It can be an example for others waiting for their turn instead of spending half an hour in line only to spend another 10 minutes emptying their pockets directly at a security scanner control.

A woman breastfeeding her child

The majority of passengers find children squawking annoying.

But breastfeeding is something that polarizes aircraft  passengers.

“I find absolutely disgusting, is a woman breastfeeding her toy . . ahem. ..I mean child on a plane while you are trying to eat,” complains a witness on one of online forums.

But it didn’t prevent Emily Gillettes from breastfeeding her one-year-old daughter on board a flight from Burlington to New York City on October 13, 2006.

A flight attendant offered Gillette a blanket to cover up, but she declined.

Gillette was taken off the airplane in an incident that later generated protests in 19 airports in November 2006.

Her lawsuit against the airline was settled this year.

Airport administration introduces scanners with a type of X-Ray

These are new and controversial airport scanners featuring X-ray technology that were introduced to see underwear bombs. The main problem is that they may irradiate people and this is a recognized cause of cancer.

The danger concerns both travelers and airport employees.

If you have white skin than burns easily in the sun or you are prone to skin cancer than you should avoid such procedures including the area within two yards around the scanner.

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