Top 5 travel-size tech gadgets

GOING on vacation once had an easy recipe – requiring nothing more than packing some clothes, gathering some friends or loved-ones and driving off.

Travelers were unplugged with only a wandering spirit to move them instead of the automated voices that direct their way today.

However, if you are the type of traveler that finds a technology-free vacation painful there is some relieve for you.

Just hold-off packing your suitcase for a minute and take a gander at travel size tech gadgets that can improve your holiday.

5. The Grid-it iPad case

It can be a useful invention for those that have an array of high-tech gadgets.

If you have miscellaneous items like cell phones, business cards, chargers and others, the Grid-it case will help to organize all this stuff.

The interior includes the GRID-IT organization system, while center divider separates your tablet from accessories.

4. Brookstone virtual keyboard keychain

This revolutionary laser technology puts the future at your fingertips by projecting a virtual keyboard on any flat surface.

It makes your virtual keyboard easily portable, while Bluetooth wireless technology quickly pairs with your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

3. Belkin mini surge protector dual USB charger

This gadget can reduce a number of adaptors that you usually carry with you while travelling.

This tiny gadget provides three regular outlets and two powered USB ports protecting everything attached from possible surges.

2. HDMI Pocket Projector

Who said a “big screen” view is only for cinema movies?

They would eat their words if they had a real portable projector in their pocket.

The HDMI Pocket Projector easily connects to smartphones, tablets, video players, digital cameras and delivers a 50’’ display on any flat surface.

1. Be on your “weigh” with this  luggage scale

This useful gadget is a great opportunity to pack your suitcase to a right weight and save  money on baggage fees.

If you feel tired of unexpected charges, you can weigh your suitcase in advance and escape all extra fees.

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