How to pack like a pro

HAVE you ever faced the problem of “suitcase shrinkage”?

You fold, roll and bundle your things, but it doesn’t help.

Stop wrestling your suitcase because we have a recipe of making the most of every inch.

If your suitcase is too small to get all things in, here are a few tips to sort it out:

1. You need to start packing with your shoes,  stuffing underwear or socks inside them. It will also help you keep the shape of your shoes. Then put them “heel-to-toe” and pack up to your suitcase.

2. When your shoes are packed up you may notice some awkward gaps between them. Just fill them with very soft items like socks, T-shirts etc. If you can roll the most of these items, it will fit better.

3. The main idea is to create an even layer to pack your trousers and suits further. You should lay out the first item with one edge in the suitcase and other drooping over the edge. After that put the next item on top, but place it other way round. Continue packing all your clothes this way to create an even layer.

4. When all your clothes are almost in  suitcase with only its edges protruding, start packing these edges back – folding one edge over another. Then place rag paper above to complete your even layer.

5. The next step is to pack your toiletries, sunglasses, camera, books and other accessories. All of them should be placed in a middle of suitcase to give them more protection. You should keep in mind to double bag your toiletries and fragile accessories.

6. Instead of rolling belts up you can save some space by slipping them along the inside edge of your suitcase.

7. Shape the final layer by placing blouses and shirts and other clothes that can be crumpled easily.

Top Tip: You never seem to use as much clothes as you take.

Be brave and eliminate at least a third of carry-on stuff.

It will be easier if you put all your things on a floor or bed to reconsider which of them should be taken.

This is a video of how it should be done:

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