What to do if you get robbed while traveling

TRAVELING the world is a challenge you have to cope with, be it about the delights of travel or troubles on your way.

Unfortunately, problems happen and they happen to beginners as well as the most experienced travelers.

One of the worst is to be robbed. But don’t let bad luck ruin your vacation because you let the thieves win twice.

The following are tips to follow if you get robbed while abroad:

1. Take a breath and relax

You aren’t the first unlucky traveler to get robbed. Bad luck happens, so take it as your turn. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to freak out.

2. Report the robbery to the nearest police department

Wherever you get robbed, you need to find either a policeman or a police department. But don’t expect too much from a foreign police service as they won’t rush around searching for your things and chasing thieves. However, you definitely need a police report with all the items that has been stolen for your insurance policy.

Important tip: When dealing with foreign police don’t get mad, it will not help.

3. Cancel credit and debit cards

Make sure you call your credit card company and cancel your credit and debit cards. The majority of thieves are looking for cash instead of credit cards. But it can happen that a few days after the robbery you will discover someone is emptying your bank account.

Safety tip: Make a list of contact phone numbers for your credit card companies before your trip and pack it up in your suitcase. Also let your credit card company know the dates of your trip and the destination you are leaving for. Anyway, it’s better to leave most of your credit cards at home. A debit card will serve the purpose well.

4. Pay a visit to your country’s embassy

You should report your passport was stolen to your embassy to get a replacement. They have to make you an emergency passport so that you can return home or continue your travels.

Safety tip: Leave an itinerary with a trusty person at home including all important phone numbers. Call home and ask relatives to send you some extra money through a service such as Western Union.

5. Check trash bins nearby

If you are robbed, just look around and check the nearest trash bins. Thieves are interested in your cash. They usually take money and throw your wallet into the trash. This means you have a chance to get back your documents and credit cards.

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