Europe’s great cities on the cheap – Vienna

THIS city’s musical pedigree leads to its quite obvious title as The City of Music.

And what a pedigree it is. Vienna, Austria’s list of musical prodogies include Strauss, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Brahms, Mahler and Beethoven among others.

But that cultural legacy extends beyond musicians with psycho-analyst Siegmund Freud and painter Gustav Klimpt as among the city’s famous sons.

Boasting one of the most carefully preserved streetscapes in the world, this city is a living-breathing museum and it is this uniformity of architecture that sets the UNESCO recognised former seat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire apart from other great European cities such as Paris, Rome and London.

So how to take in one of the world’s architectural and cultural gems without burning a hole in your bank balance.

In‘s third in this series, we offer you some hints and tips.



Hotels in Vienna cover the full spectrum and in a city thronging with  tourists finding the right accommodation for your tastes and your wallet can be a challenge.

But there are bargains to be found.

Set close to Vienna’s center,  Mate Dependance Hotel, rates highly with guests and at a price that outclasses most similar three-star hotels in the city (from €38).

It is also worth checking out the smaller pensiones sthat can be found throughout the city. They can befound centrally located and if you are on a budget, they can be cheap, due to the fact they lack many conveniences such as elevators, meaning you might have to haul your own bags upstairs.


Like many other European cities, cheap dining can be found in markets. In Vienna there are 26 of them – at the Naschmarkt ( you can find numerous delicacies and cafes where you can easily chow down on good food at a good price.

Also sample food on offer at the the wurst, or sausage, stands that can be commonly found on the centre’s streets – it’s fast, tasty and cheap food.

Sites and attractions

What to do for free? Easy.

You’re in one of the most picturesque cities in the world and it costs nothing but time to stroll Vienna’s maze of historic streets.

On Sunday mornings it is possible to hear the world-famous Vienna Boys’ Choir ( in the city’s Hofburg Imperial Chapel for free – that’s if you are prepared to join a very lengthy queue for the priviledge.


Public transport is your best bet. Vienna’s bus, tram and underground network is excellent and affordable. Single tickets cost €2 whaile a weekly pass can be snapped up for €15 (

Next we look the United Kingdom’s capital London.

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  1. kelseyshappiness says:

    Ah, I am so glad I found this article! I am in the midst of planning for my Christmas to take place in this beautiful city! Thanks for the tips!

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