Choosing a hotel online

REGARDLESS of the destination, your choice of hotel can make…or break…your vacation or business trip.

In fact, whether or not your stay is comfortable can impact your entire travel experience.

So how to avoid disappointment?

Finding the best hotel for you can be a challenge, so here are‘s hints and tips to finding the best hotel online to suit your needs and your budget.

Step One: Research your destination

This is particularly important whan you are traveling for pleasure rather than business.

London map showing all London point of interests in the London center.

If your destination is unfamiliar to you then you need to absorb as much information about where to go and what to do as possible.

There are many resources on the web, but for a straight to the point collection of facts it is hard to beat Wiki Travel, like Wikipedia there is no “hard sell” here – simply a comprehensive guide to your destination from the traveler’s perspective.

It allows to start thinking about what you will see and do and is invaluable for giving you an idea of where you should stay.

Step Two: Finding your hotel

There are several points to consider when chosing a hotel and while price, of course, is a consideration, the first thing you should consider is the old adage location, location, location.

So start with having an idea of where in the city you want to stay and work from there, if one area proves too expensive then look just outside that neighborhood.

While there might be great looking hotels at great prices you need to realise the cheapest hotels can be miles away from the action and any savings you make in accommodation costs might be offset by the price of  transport.

Conversely, if If you plan to spend all the time in the hotel, your room should be filled with all necessary appliances and furniture, to ensure a comfortable stay.


Once you know where you to base yourself start narrowing the field of possible hotels, online hotel reservation systems like allow you to search by location.

Then work to your budget – knowing what you want to spend in critical, it allows you to get a feel for the type of quality hotel you can expect and also gives you an indication of the star-rating, which will help you narrow the field of available hotels.

Hotel from hell? In the case of the Bate’s Motel from “Psycho” guests were unlikely to ever leave, so it pays to check photos and reviews.

When you have found a likely contender check the photos – a picture is worth a thousand words and will you give you a better idea of what the interior and rooms are like than a description.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what one person describes as “cozy” or “spacious” might not match your definitions.

But, should you trust the pictures? Most of the time, yes, but there is a sure-fire way to confirm if that photo of a sun-filled room with beautiful decor tells the truth – read the reviews.

While some people are near impossible to please – if the general tone of reviews is good, then you are probably going to avoid a hellish hotel experience.

What are your tips? Have you any secret wisdom to share with fellow travelers? Write your comments below.

2 Responses to Choosing a hotel online

  1. I am agree with you. If you have a great vacation and did not find a best hotel will spoil your trip. So its better to booked a hotel where you can spend your vacation without any problem.

  2. Maria Burch says:

    These are good tips! This year, I promised to myself that I would explore different places and travel with my loved ones. This would be my year of travels.

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