Lighting Berlin – the Festival of Lights

IN just nine days the German capital, Berlin, will see the light, so to speak.

It is a revelation that promises to be spectacular, but it is not the first time…

The annual Festival of Lights is entering its eighth year and transforms the city into a sparkling oasis as more than 50 of Berlin’s iconic landmarks are bathed in lights and projections.

In the past eight years, those landmarks have included the Brandenburg Gate, radio tower and Berlin Cathedral, for this years’ festival, which runs from October 10 to 21, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Europa-Center will be added to the list of attractions.

The lights can be experienced from the Light-Liner bus on “lightseeing” tours, Light-Velo rickshaws and on foot with the Light-Cruso.

For a dash of extra romance they lights can also be taken in from the waters of the River Spree aboard the Light-Ship.

So how spectacular is it?

Very, but don’t just take‘s word for it – check out thes video from last year’s event and this gallery of photos from previous years and judge for yourself.

Berlin Cathedral bathed in lights.

A Metro Station in Berlin glows during the Festival of Lights.

People sit on illuminated bench on Kurfuerstendamm Boulevard during the Festival of Lights in Berlin. Photo: Fabrizio Bensch, Reuters.

One of the projections dubbed Faces of Berlin.

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin.

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