Just add water – Mexico’s underwater museum

IT’S not often a museum visit will leave you completely wet, but this is no ordinary museum.

Established near Mexico’s number one resort of Cancun in 2009, MUSA (Museo Sabacuato de Arte) is unique.


Because this museum is under water.

It has more than 450 exhibits, located at depts of four to eight meters, and in four short years it’s already luring 750,000 visitors to the waters off Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc per year.

Booked.net takes a look at MUSA and why it is considered one of the most remarkable and beautiful submerged attractions in the world.

The brainchild of British artist Jason deCairs Taylor, who also serves as MUSA’s director, the complex is one of the most unique museums in the world, but it also serves an ecological and environmental purpose.

Despite being a collection of static human sculptures engaged in various everyday activities, the museum is teeming with life.

It is supposed to be, one of the goals behind the creation of MUSA was to restore endangered coral reefs.

Each of the sculptures on display is made of special eco-friendly materials that are able to sustain live coral.

It’s working.

Many of the first exhibits are barely recognisable from their original human forms – making this a constantly evolving environment.

Covering an area of 450 square meters, the museum is divided into two galleries – Salon Manchenes at eight meters deep and suitable for divers and snorkelers and Salon Nizuc, which at four meters deep is only open to snorkelers.

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