Haunted hotels – the top 3 to visit on Halloween

WHILE  most guests usually check out of hotels at the end of their stay, if you believe in things paranormal, there are some guests who check in for eternity.

It is the time of year when our thoughts turn to the supernatural, spooky and scary.

Of course, for those that don’t believe, the whole event can be written off as just more crass commercialism and in the United States it is big business.

But believer or not, these hotels might just give you an experience that extends beyond finding mints on your pillow.

Planning a trip around Halloween? Choose one of the most haunted hotels in the US and share your trip with ghosts, if you dare.

Here is Booked.net‘s top-three hotels to visit on Halloween.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

Legendary sex-symbol Marylin Monroe was once a resident of Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, occupying Cabana Suite 229 with its pool view for two years.  Now this suite is believed to be filled with paranormal activities, while the 9th floor of the hotel is known for strange sounds and movements.

The Cabana Suite 229 has a full-length mirror inside the room, which is, as residents and maids say, very mysterious. Once a maid in a hotel was dusting the mirror and saw a reflection of a women with short blond hair, who reminded her of Monroe a lot. Psychics examined the mirror and admitted there was energy activity around it, but didn’t prove that the appearance in the mirror belonged to the famous actress.

The hotel is also home to the famous Blossom Ballroom, where supernatural sightings occur. People claim to hear voices and see shadows of dancing people there, a lot of residents of the hotel claim they saw Monroe in the ballroom as well.

So if you choose this hotel and Cabana Suite 229, you have the chance to share your accommodation with perhaps the ghost of the Happy Birthday, Mr President singer herself.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel is second in our list.

This venue is widely reputed to be a place with frequent paranormal activities. Hotel staff reported they have heard music and voices from the hotel ballroom, when it was actually empty. People have reported hearding the piano while no one was sitting at it.  A lot of guests claims they have seen ghosts in their rooms at night standing near their beds.

The hotel was the subject of an episode of TV show Ghost Hunters where the team of paranormal investigators went to the hotel to investigate what was happening. While, they found a lot of explanations for many of the noises, including wind and pipes, however some incidents remained a mystery, including the happenings in the ballroom. Also one of ghost hunters stayed in the hotel for a night and admitted that the bed was moving, and doors were closing and shutting on their own.

Author Stephen King stayed at Stanley Hotel in room 217 near the end of the season when the hotel was almost empty and had the inspiration to pen The Shining. Fans of the novel and the subsequent  film adaptation like to visit this spooky place.

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This impressive historic hotel dates back to 1886 and is believed to be haunted.

From 1908, the hotel served as College and Conservatory for Young Women. Then in 1937 after changing hands, it was transformed into a hospital and a health resort. The new owner Norman Baker claimed he “invented cure for cancer” and was practicing it at his resort. As it tuned out, the cure was just natural spring water, it did not help nor did it harm patients. However, following a Federal investigation charges of fraud were laid against Baker and he was subsequently imprisoned for four years.

The hotel was closed nearly 10 years and after that was reopened and restored by new investors. The new owners admitted that they heard weird sounds at nights and strange voices.

Now this hotel is believed to be one of the most haunted in the US and according to staff stories, there are plenty of disillusioned former patients haunting its halls and rooms as ghosts, including kids.

If you dare, stay at in room # 218, where the toilet flushes in its own, the light turns on and off at will and guests are often terrified the middle of the night.

Also the hotel offers a ghost ticket tour with an opportunity to stay in the former morgue for the night.

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