Celebrities in the Halloween spirit

Lady Ghoulga: Lady Gaga puts her best(?) Halloween face forward.

EVERY year the eve of October 31 turns ordinary people into different creatures as the world marks the dark and macabre elements of the occasion or lighten the mood with pop culture references and the comedic. You can see everything from the horrific and scary – beasts, ghouls and witches through to the hilarious such as King-Kong, and superheroes.

Celebrities naturally never miss parties devoted to Halloween to demonstrate their taste and uniqueness, so fans can not wait to see their idols’ costumes on this year’s Halloween party circuit. After all dressing up as someone else is a job description in Hollywood, so it’s no surprise that celebrities pull out all stops when Halloween rolls around.

Booked.net’s Svetlana Malukha has rounded up the most creative, clever, and downright outrageous costumes from the A-list Halloween parties of the past.

Looking less Pink and more orange, popstar Pink clowns around on Halloween

I put a spell on you: Liv Tyler goes all voodoo

More than meets the eye: Supermodel Heidi Klum is transform(er)ed

Toy story: Gwen Stefani channels Jessie from the popular movie franchise

Paris becomes more Pocahontas while Nicky is a Supergirl. The Hiltons at Halloween

Catwoman? If Anne Hathaway had grown fond of her Dark Knight Rises role, this version of the cat needs to be taken to the vet

Not sure sure what look Mickey Rourke is going for here, maybe leathery like his skin

Sweet as American Pie: Jason Biggs goes over the rainbow as Dorothy

Cleopatra and clown: Songstresses Fergie and Kylie Minogue make an entrance

True Lies: Jamie Lee Curtis has got to be kidding if she thinks she makes a convincing Little Red Riding Hood

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