Weird fall holidays in the US

WHILE people wait for the festive season and as the days grow longer and colder that wait can seem an eternity.

However, as’s Svetlana Malukha reports, there are still some unusual and even awkward events throughout the lead-up to Christmas.

However, in all likelihood you’ll have never heard of them.

Of course, these holidays do not mean a day off work, but they can bring something new and fresh this gloomy time of year.

1. “Name Your Car” Day is held on October 2 and is a day for car owners. Many people name their vehicles, but if you still do no have a name for your favorite car, this is the right day to pick one. The name can be chosen according to the model or color of your car, the season you bought it or based on your hobbies or favorite bands. So be creative.

2. “You Go Girl” Day is celebrated on October, 11 and is a day to commemorate Kathy Sullivan, a brave woman, who was the first female to walk in space. This day is a good opportunity to gather with girls for a party and support the sisterhood. Plenty of Ecards are available on the internet, so don’t forget to congratulate your friends.

3. Frankenstein Monster Day on October 30, the eve of Halloween, is a day for all fans of this composite monster built from body parts. Usually people organize parties at home, wear funny or scary costumes and play different games, aimed at finding out more about Frankenstein and his story.

4. Housewife Day is held on November 3. If you are a housewife or somebody close to you is, you can make this day a break from her routine. For instance, on this day she should not be responsible for household chores, everything should be done for her. You can give her a break in cleaning, cooking and make this day a very special one.

5. National Nachos Day is on November 6 and is devoted to the popular Mexican food. If you adore nachos, why not to invite your friends, take nachos and have a party? It is a nice reasons to meet with friends and relatives and enjoy your favorite tortilla chips along with a pleasant talk.

6. Happy Hour Day is celebrated on November 12. A marketing trick, it is, however a nice way to save money on a restaurant or cafe. This term dates back to the 1920s, when “happy hour” referred to on-ship performances and “happy” meant drunk. Nowadays happy hours usually imply the discount for beer and stronger drinks of up to 50% and are usually held from Monday to Thursday from 6-7pm.

7. “Clean Out Your Refrigerator” Day is held on November 14 and it is a day to remember about your fridge and finally clean it out. We often forget about it and this day is a chance to get into the habit of cleaning it at least once per year.

8. Throw Out Your Leftovers Day is devoted to the leftover food after Thanksgiving Day celebrations and is on November 29. A few day after the Thanksgiving day, there might be some food left after the holiday dinner. Don’t forget to eat it or just throw it away. This day is a fun day, when friends or relatives send each other Ecards and remind to eat the leftovers and prolong the holiday spirit.

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  1. kerwin88 says:

    Interesting! I like it.

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