Ten shopping capitals of the world


All the online stores of the world won’t quench the people’s thirst for good old shopping. It might seem strange, but facts can’t be ignored. Over the years the entire world’s “shopping capitals” report a steady growth in the number of visitors.

What exactly are those cities and why they’re so popular among shoppers? Well, here’s what you’d want to know…

#10 Dubai (4/5)*

The capital of UAE offers anything – literally. Whatever one may need is usually found in the numerous shopping centers and the prices are not extremely high because of the successful economic policy of the country. One of the malls – the Mall of the Emirates is really huge, housing more than 400 shops and 70 restaurants.

Besides, while your wife and kids are shopping, you can enjoy skiing and a refreshing temperature of -10 Co in the same Mall!

#9 Seoul (3/5)

South Korea has become a leader in many things, while its capital has grown and become a tourist spot as well as a place of interest for shopping travelers. With numerous markets and entire mall streets or squares, it attracts people from all over the world – those who like to bring lots of impressions and gifts from their travels.

A whole street in Seoul is dedicated to tourists and shoppers. “The street of foreigners” is more than 1 mile (1.7 km) long and houses hundreds of stores and hotels.

#8 Los Angeles (4/5)

The City of Angels is not just a popular place – it’s a cult. Hollywood brings millions of tourists to Los Angeles every year and most of those people are committed shoppers. That’s exactly why the city is full of boutiques and malls to suit any taste. Basically, people go there for the designer clothes to fit into fashion.

What really attracts them is a bunch of celebrities who can often be met in the same shops, buying the same clothes. Would you like to wear something your idol does?

#7 Rome (3/5)

Apart from being one of the most ancient cities of the world, a romantic tourist spot and literally a legendary place, Rome is also known as one of the two centers of Italian shopping. You know what people go to Italy for, right? Well, the malls and shops of its capital offer everything a tourist would want to buy. Ever.

Via del Corso is a long shopping street here in Rome. Whatever it is you’ve come to Italy for – it will be found there, as long as you’re not tired from hours of walking.

#6 Paris (4/5)

The city of romance and love, Paris has something to offer to anyone. People come here for designer European clothing, perfume, brand leather bags and lots of other things that somehow become better if they come from Paris. In any way, the French capital attracts loads of tourists all year long, most of them coming to shop.

As for shopping, Galeries Lafayette is the most popular mall in Paris. It amazes even experienced tourists – you’ll see how when you’re there.

#5 Tokyo (5/5)

Ginza is the largest shopping district of the Japanese capital. It houses a number of world-famous brands as well as generic stores of electronics and what not. If you’re looking for an overcrowded place, full of tourists and just people – Ginza of Tokyo is just what you need. The Japanese call it “The showroom of Japan”.

Though, historically, the place was named after a money manufacturing facility called Ginza that was built just there in the year 1612.

#4 Moscow (5/5)

With the lack of everything in the USSR, now the Russians try to have more than just abundance – they crave luxury. Moscow today is one of the most absurdly expensive cities of the world with malls that sell everything – from old Soviet souvenirs to vintage American cars and designer jewelry. There’s nothing you can’t find there.

What’s a bit funny is the fact that customs fees make import a seriously expensive business, so everything foreign is ridiculously expensive in Moscow.

#3 London (5/5)

London has the biggest shopping street in Europe. Oxford Street looks like an anthill, with thousands of people walking it back and forth every day. If a shopper needs anything, the giant conglomerate of stores and malls will provide – it’s a British guarantee. The only problem is the price – due to a number of reasons, they rival those of Moscow and Tokyo.

The most popular mall in the world, founded in 1849, is still working in London. It’s called Harrods and is really huge, attracting millions of shoppers every year.

#2 Milan (3/5)

Again, we’re back in Italy, with its designer clothing, leather, shoes and lots of accessories loved by men and women alike. Milan is the second center of Italian shopping and attracts as many tourists as Rome every year. The prices appeal to everyone around as well as the quality of Italian products. Besides – everyone likes pizza!

Milan is a bit more suited for shoppers from all over the world, because it doesn’t have a strict working schedule for every story, like those in other Italian cities.

#1 New York City (4/5)

The Big Apple offers lots of fun for international shopaholics. Among others, there are two large outlets – Woodbury Common Premium and Jersey Gardens. They attract 80% of NYC shoppers because of the diversity and generally lower price. Besides, there are sale days, when discounts are turning people into raging predators in search of prey.

Bloomingdale is one of the LARGEST MALLS IN THE WORLD. They say you can buy literally anything there – from a bobby pin to a monster truck.

*() – price rating

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