Whitney Houston’s death in a hotel room. When celebrities check out – permanently

April 20, 2012

FOR some the idea might sound macabre. However, the death of Whitney Houston is not deterring guests from the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles.

Booked.net writer Olga Leleka looks at the link between celebrity deaths and hotel rooms.

The 48-year-old was found unresponsive in the bath in room 434 of the hotel on February 11.

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Top 10 haute couture hotels of the world

November 18, 2011

THEY aren’t just about catwalks and clothes.

Increasingly big-name fashion designers are lending their name to anything including hotels.

Armani Hotel Dubai

Modern fashion houses are increasingly turning their skills to hotel interiors and rooms.

What’s more, some of them open their own hotels throughout the world or collaborate with big hotel chains, bringing that additional touch of class to the properties.

Elena Kozmenko looks at the design hotels available on Booked.net’s hotel reservation database.

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An ill-fated romance

November 10, 2011

The legendary Marilyn Monroe

IT is a story filled with intrigue – a piece of Manhattan real estate known as The Carlyle – a hotel that would become a meeting a point for a pair of illicit lovers.

While hotels have always been prime locations for romantic trysts, in this case there was a lot at stake.

One half of the pair was American President John F. Kennedy, the other half was movie star Marilyn Monroe.

Booked.net writer Olga Leleka looks at the hotel where it all began.

In February 1962 The Carlyle on Manhattan gathered the best of Hollywood’s stars alongside the most-powerful in American politics for a dinner with President John F. Kennedy.

Among all the guests, only one dared to keep Kennedy waiting.

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Hotel demolition – celebrity style

October 28, 2011

HAVE you heard the old Latin proverb “quod licet jovi, nоn licet bovi”, which literally means “Gods may do what cattle may not”?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t; I’m using it, because it perfectly applies to the characters of this story – celebrities.

Indeed, some celebrities do things that no other regular person could ever get away with.

Drug use and abuse, drink-driving, event disruption and…trashing hotel rooms.

Booked.net staffer Dmytro Dmytriiev looks at a curious preoccupation of the famous.

Since the 1960’s dozens of exquisite hotel rooms have been thrashed by “fame monsters” throughout the world.

Here are Booked.net’s top five most memorable trashed rooms:

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As seen in the movies…hotels from the silver screen

October 13, 2011

YOU’VE seen them immortalised on film, now it’s your chance to live like a star.

Park Hyatt Tokyo's lobby was used in the movie Lost in Translation

True cinefiles are spoilt for choice when it comes to hotels where movies were shot, often the hotel is as much part of the story as its human characters.

Booked.net writer Elena Kozmenko lists her top 10 hotels, that have played host to camera crews and celebrities alike:

Remember Oscar-winning movie Lost in Translation?

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Death of a princess – the hotel linked to the tragedy

October 6, 2011

IT was an event that rocked the world.

One of the last official photographs of Diana

On August 30 and 31, 1997, a visit by Diana – Princess of Wales, to the Ritz Hotel in Paris was to prove a factor in events leading to the horrific car crash in the Pont de l’Alma underpass near the Eiffel Tower that resulted in her death.

Olga Leleka looks at her death and the hotel where the tragic chain of events began.

The evening began normally enough, a 36-year-old woman on a dinner date at Paris’ Ritz Hotel.

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Dali. The man, the mystery…and his favorite hotel

September 23, 2011

SPANISH genius and eccentric enigma. Salvador Dali earned fame as a painter, photographer and even film-maker, yet he is still recognized as one of the most ambiguous personalities of the 20th century.

Olga Leleka looks at the man, his love of Paris and the hotel he called home in the French Capital.

Salvador Dali in 1954

The world would never have recognized the scale of Dali’s talent and flamboyance if the famous painter wasn’t preoccupied with his passions for art, women and Paris.

He first became acquainted with Paris in 1926 when a young visited the city with his family. Captured by the beauty of the “City of Light”, the young fellow discovered a workshop held by Pablo Picasso.

Inspired by the master, Dali used to spend hours learning to paint in Picasso’s style. His attempts to emulate Picasso would instill in him a lifelong passion for art.

On his return to Madrid, Salvador Dali would forget about Paris for the next three years and become a part of forward-thinking intellectual life of Spain – challenging the backwardness of the political system and the Catholic Church of Spain and its beliefs that were out-of-step with contemporary thought.

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