The top 5 different and downright dangerous delicacies

April 27, 2012

FOR the seasoned-traveler, foreign delicacies are part of the experience.

Tourists can become accustomed to tasting a wide variety of unusual foods, but there are still some dishes that could catch out even those with the most cast-iron stomachs – sometimes with fatal consequences. writer Olga Leleka presents a top five list of potentially dangerous delicacies to savor:

Snake Wine

This Southeast Asian alcoholic beverage is considered by many to be too risky to even open the bottle. The sight of the bottle would be enough for many and resembles the specimens in jars kept in biology labs. It’s a confronting sight – a snake (the more venomous the better) steeped in a rice wine jar. Known for its curative properties, the drink, which is consumed in shots, is a supposed cure for everything from impotence to baldness. However, fresh is not best. What hardly any traveler to Southeast Asia knows is the snake is inserted into the jar live. The bottle is sealed by a special porous cork that means the snake dies stewing in its own juices. Unlucky tourists whose snake wine hasn’t brewed long enough can be attacked by the snake as soon as they open the bottle. For very few, this has spelled death.

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The world’s most bizarre and unusual festivals and events

April 23, 2012

IF you’re planning to travel this year, here are some strange and unique celebrations worth planning a trip around.

Festivals are a broad concept and are usually perceived as a celebration of some kind – be it arts and culture or food and drink. But, occasionally festivals defy those expectations and are bound to beliefs or even ideologies that, to an outside observer, can seem bizarre. What type of thinking fuels the world’s most strange events? writer Olga Leleka presents a selection of the most bizarre events worldwide.

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