Myth and reality – lost cities and civilizations

August 9, 2012


THE world is dotted with abandoned cities that fell victim to hostility, disease and natural disasters.

In life after people, towns, cities and entire civilizations are left to decay and fall into ruin, waiting to be rediscovered centuries after.

Many such places become time capsules of history that capture the imaginations and intrigue generations of modern people – while some remain the stuff of legend. investigates.

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When that adventure tourism experience is not quite what you expect

July 18, 2012

LANGUAGE barriers are part and parcel of the travel experience, comic, confusing…and…sometimes dangerous. Especially when it comes to adventure tourism and if that experience matches what was advertised in brochures – as‘s Svetlana Malukha discovered.

It was meant to be a diving experience off the coast of Hurghada – an Egyptian city and tourist centre on the Red Sea coast – and it could have gone horribly wrong.

Stepping aboard the dive boat we quickly realized none of the crew spoke English or our native Russian. It’s hardly a promising start to our diving experience.

The four of us had never tried diving before, but wanted to give it a go, even though we knew nothing about the process and techniques of scuba diving.

A few days earlier at our hotel we found out about the opportunity to dive for only US$70 per person, which includes two immersions, the first for 7-10 minutes and the second for 20 minutes, the deal included a dinner and transfer to and from the hotel.

The excursion was brilliantly advertised, we were told we will work only with highly-trained instructors from Russia with corresponding diplomas, experience and quality equipment, so our concerns faded as soon as we paid and we were looking forward to it.

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What you need to know before visiting Egypt

April 19, 2012

EGYPT is in a state-of-flux, so where does the pace of change in the North African country leave its biggest money-spinner – tourism. For now the situation is OK, but here are some facts any potential visitor should be aware of. writer Olga Leleka looks at what is happening in the land of the Pharoahs.

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