Discover Le Mont Saint Michel

September 18, 2012

ABOUT 400 kilometers (and an easy day-trip) from Paris is a stunning island commune known as  Mont Saint-Michel.

Located in Normandy, it is one kilometer off the north-western coast, at the Couesnon River mouth near Avranches and is home to a population of less than 50.

The island was home to strategic fortifications since antiquity, and since 709 AD has been the seat of the monastery from which it gets its’ name.

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Bullfighting: Fine art? Or barbaric entertainment?

August 27, 2012

A matador makes moves with his cape to gruel a bull.

INTRODUCED as a spectator sport in 1726 in Spain, bullfighting went on to spread like a cancer into the south of France, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.

It bears several names: Corrida de torros, La fiesta or Novilada, but the essence remains the same – a bull is tortured and killed in front of thousands of cheering spectators, who call this “a fine art”.

It taps into a primal human instinct – a blood lust- and is similar to the events in the gladiatorial arenas of ancient Rome. But in the modern world is there still a place for slaughter to be considered a fine art?

Dmitry Dmitriev of poses some questions about this controversial sport.

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Some misconceptions about Europe

August 15, 2012

IT is the second smallest among the seven other continents, yet Europe is the most densely-populated and diverse with more than 50 countries sprawling across its territory.

Its diverse blend of multifaceted cultures and rich historical heritage invokes many stories about its past and present.

Despite that legacy and an endless stream of information…or perhaps because of it, the rest of the world can, and does, sometimes get a little confused. gets educational and presents a handful of misconceptions of Europe with video, but what are your thoughts? Do you know of others? Post your comments below.

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