Tour the world for $15 per day

September 6, 2012

SOUNDS impossible right?

Maybe not…so, how many times have you been told a world tour is too pricey to afford? Forget about it and let others stay at home and dream of travel.

Traveling the world is a question of priorities not money. If you want to live a challenge and  wake up each day in a new place, make your decision and go.

So pack your suitcase or backpack and follow these tips of keeping to a budget of $15 a day:

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Pitfalls for drivers when traveling

August 30, 2012

THE roadtrip.

It’s been a vacation tradition for almost as long as the car has existed, but there are pitfalls for travelers.

When the last suitcase is packed and placed to a luggage rack of your car, you should consider foreign traffic rules.

Many countries have introduced unusual measures to take money from both local and foreign drivers.’s Olga Leleka presents a list of “cash cow” traffic enforcement measures you should know before traveling:

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