Tour the world for $15 per day

September 6, 2012

SOUNDS impossible right?

Maybe not…so, how many times have you been told a world tour is too pricey to afford? Forget about it and let others stay at home and dream of travel.

Traveling the world is a question of priorities not money. If you want to live a challenge and  wake up each day in a new place, make your decision and go.

So pack your suitcase or backpack and follow these tips of keeping to a budget of $15 a day:

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The top 10 mistakes commonly made by travellers

May 7, 2012

AS the saying goes, you learn from your mistakes, but mistakes are the last thing you want when you are traveling.  Last-minute flights, extra costs or cancelled trips are all things that are best avoided. But when it comes to avoiding common mistakes, it’s better to learn from somebody else’s bitter experience. writer Olga Leleka presents the list of top 10 travel mistakes:

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Packing…for men

October 5, 2011

YOUR boys’ weekend begins in two hours.

You and your friends have booked the ultimate golf trip to Miami – planned out with perfection.

You identified the best the airlines and you booked.

Your departure to the terminal is covered – you’ll take a taxi.

You went shopping for new clothes on Tuesday and were lucky enough to get some good discounts and buy yourself a change of wardrobe.

However, that new wardrobe is yet to be packed in your  bag and your ride to the airport is on its way.

You have less than 45 minutes to pack – you better move fast.

First off, you’re a man and you travel light. You don’t need that huge suitcase for a vacation.

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